Probiotics: Preventing Illness


Deborah J. Tune (a.k.a. Herb Lady)


What happens when ya get sick? You go to the doctor and get a round of antibiotics, right? Yep. Did ya ever take into consideration what “anti” in the word antibiotics means? Well, just in case ya don’t have a dictionary handy fer checking I’ll show ya what Merriam-Webster says about it:

an-ti-bi-ot-ic:  tending to prevent, inhibit, or destroy life 2 : of or relating to antibiotics

Key Words: Destroy Life

Yep, those antibiotics do destroy the bad bacteria that’s makin’ ya sick – BUT the good bacteria gets destroyed in the process as well. This is something to keep in mind should you ever have to take antibiotics. Once you’ve taken all of ’em, it’s a good idea to start probiotics. Let’s talk about them.

NOTE: I never take antibiotics.


Probiotics are the opposite of antibiotics.

Again, let’s take a look at what Merriam-Webster says:

pro·bi·ot·ic: a preparation (as a dietary supplement) containing live bacteria (as lactobacilli) that is taken orally to restore beneficial bacteria to the body

Key Words: Restore Beneficial Bacteria

Probiotics replace the good bacteria (flora) the antibiotics killed. A healthy gut and colon are crucial for good health and a strong immune system. If you start taking probiotics in the spring or summer, you’ll reap the benefits come winter. When ever one else is a hacking and gagging and sick as a dog, you will have built your immune system up and be healthy as a horse!

I personally take 8 Billion Acidophilus with Bifidus.



You also might find 15 billion Acidophilus with Bifidus at your local health food store.

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