Skillet Getters Fer Yer Cast-Iron Skillets

In one of my previous electronic letter to ya, I told ya them there nice folks at King Orchards sent me some of their Montmorency Tart Cherry Products to review. Then, I shared my Cherry Walnut Movin’ Muffins recipe with ya, that I made usin’ their cherries and their tart cherry juice. So, you’ll fer shure and shootin’ wanna check them out!


I’m from the “old school” and I love my cast-iron skillets. Whether yer bakin’ up cornbread, cake, or frying taters, no skillet or pan brings the same results as that old-fashioned (heavy as all get out!) cast-iron skillet.

But if yer like me, yer always a reachin’ fer a thick mitten or hand towel to wrap around that HOT skillet handle, right?!

That’s where these here “Skillet Getters” come in handy. They’re made from yarn, crocheted into a design that’ll easily slip over the skillet handle – made with love, right here on the Amish farm!

skillet getter - 6 - 2

These here are done up in red and green yarn fer a holiday look.

skillet getter 2


And each “Skillet Getter” comes with a handcrafted description tag, tied off with straw raffia fer a real natural look. Now that’s a dandy holiday present, if I do say so myself, whether it’s fer someone else – or fer yerself!


Want a Skillet Getter?

Fer a limited time, fer a limited supply, you can get one (or more!) of these here “Skillet Getters!”

Keep yer eyes open ‘cause we’ll have other colors and designs coming soon!

Just shop using the button here. Enter how many you want. When ya get to the form, you should be able to enter yer address (so we’ll know where to ship it to)! Thank ya fer shopping with the ol’ Hillbilly Herb Lady!

Hillbilly Skillet Getter $6.00

skillet getter - 6

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