Herb Lady’s Helping the Homeless

Hey, y’all! I sure hope ya had a blessed holiday season with yer family and special friends!

Herb Lady is happy to say she enjoyed a mighty fine Christmas and New Year, with her family and friends.

Now, for Pete’s sake, I can’t figur out why I’m a talkin’ in 3rd person! Ha!

On a serious note, I ain’t been blogging ‘bout herbs lately’ ‘cause I’ve been busying myself helpin’ the homeless in these here parts.

Fer Christmas, we took some goody bags to the homeless. This wasn’t fer necessity, but to let ‘em know they aren’t fergotten. A many of ‘em nearly dropped their purty bag of bread, cookies, and candy, when they saw that there Christmas card just fer them!

Holiday bags


Now, we’re also workin’ on the necessities – we’re makin’ toiletry bags fer the homeless. They’re needin’ all kinds of stuff to make ‘em feel good and clean and loved!

We already taken ‘em some crocheted and fleece scarves and hats.

box of scarves


Prayer Pillows

prayer pillows 1


Kevin, a homeless man, gave us his permission to share his story with y’all so you can see that all homeless aren’t addicts, alcoholics, or mentally ill. A lot of people are homeless these days ‘cause they lost their job and ain’t been able to find more work, that’s all.

You can read about Kevin on our ministry site: Putting a Face on Homelessness.

homeless, face, hope, story

We’re also workin’ hard on raisin’ money fer Momma’s Houses. I want to be them there folks’ momma and help get ’em back on track.

We need at least $80,000 to buy our first building. We’re still needin’ $79,928.22 to reach our goal. Our electronic fundraiser ends January 27th – we’re in a hurry ‘cause we don’t want someone else to get the building and because the homeless are out in them there bitter cold streets, a freezin’!

Ya can’t just give ‘em an herb or cup of hot tea, we need to heal their heart and troubles and get ‘em on their feet!


If ya ain’t comfortable donating over the Web, you can also write to us at the following address:

Highways and Byways Ministries

P.O. Box 115

Diggins, MO 65636

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One Response to “Herb Lady’s Helping the Homeless”

  1. Pep Dekker Says:

    You’re doing great work. My girlfriend gave me a similar gift. We handed out food and blanket to the homeless here in Fresno, CA.

    I am curious what your thoughts were about what the homeless actually need. I’m starting businesses that employ the homeless. Love to hear your take.


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