Tonic Fer Feelin’ Better

Howdy everybody! How are ya feelin’? Have ya been ailin’? Seems like most folks are snottin’ or stuffed up and havin’ all kinds of congestion or sore throats these days.

Old Granny here has used this recipe fer years and it works like a charm for me and my bunch. It has a stout taste but if ya get to choose feelin’ good over feelin’ plumb awful, then it’s best to pull up your big boy or girl britches and just drink up!

Put it this way if ya don’t like how healthy stuff tastes: Do ya wanna taste sumthin’ that might not be to yer likin’ but’ll make ya well – or do ya wanna taste sickness or even death? That makes yer choice easy!


Feel Good Tonic

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Stuff ya need:

1/4 cup raw honey

1/4 cup raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with mother

1/2 teaspoon organic cayenne pepper powder


How to fix it:

1. Put yer honey, vinegar, and cayenne in a jar or bottle that has a lid. Shake it all up.

2. Y’all grownups can take a tablespoon several times a day. Youngin’s can take a half teaspoon to a teaspoon 1 – 3 times a day dependin’ on their size and age.

3. Ya can leave it in the cabinet or put it in the fridge if ya like yer medicine cold.


These ingredients help kill the germs that are makin’ yer throat sore and makin’ ya sick. And it always gives us energy too!


Honey-Cinnamon Soother

And if ya have been coughin’ and harkin’ and gaggin’ and yer throat is real sore ’cause of it, ya can try this little remedy to soothe yer tender, achin’ throat: 1 tablespoon honey sprinkled with organic ceylon cinnamonand warmed up. It’ll give ya relief like ya wouldn’t believe!

Here’s all the stuff you’ll need to stock up on so you can chase those ickies away!

Granny hopes yer feeling yer wheaties soon! And don’t forget – it’s spring cleanin’ time!


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