Fillin’ Up Yer Drawers! Ha! Ha!

Howdy, y’all!

Ole granny has been busy, let me just tell ya right here and now!

There is a loooooootttt goin’ on at this here Texas ranch. As ya can tell from this here post, we got a big piece of ground plowed up fer growin’ all kinds of food (fer us and the critters!) and then we got another piece of ground plowed up fer an herb garden and yet another spot fer nothin’ but berries!

I’ve also been a workin’ on remodelin’ my house – which is a mighty big job in itself! Down to the studs and wirin’, I tell ya now! And plumbing from scratch. Phooey! Ole granny is plum TARD!

I had to stop and take time to repurpose some drawers from the cabinets we tore out. They make perfect little green houses, they do!


I just painted ‘em all different colors with some leftover paint I had layin’ here and there.


Then I cut plastic to fit inside the drawer and stapled it in place, filled it with organic starter soil….


And planted some heirloom, organic seeds inside!!


I cut and stapled plastic to fit over the top to make a greenhouse effect (and to keep the rain from a washin’ away all my hard work!


And there ya have it – a hillbilly dresser full of goodies: organic, heirloom lettuces, basil, spinach, heart ease (viola)


This is temporary set up ‘till I get ‘em up and growin’ and to keep the north wind off of ‘em. Then I’ll find another way to display the drawers in the yard. What do y’all think?


Ain’t that there hillbilly dresser just nifty as can be?!

Oh and while I had my paintbrush out, I got carried away and spruced up my plain ole concrete bird bath. Ain’t it purty?



What have y’all been up to these here past few days? Have ya been a plantin’ and tendin’ yer critters like ole granny? Pull yerself up a chair and kick yer shoes off and tell me all about it!

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