Kinda been out of sorts fer a while. Head first in that there garden whew, least thats bout over, then here cums that fall rain , ya bout haft to hold on to the barb wire fence from the blasted wind on this here hill, the ole amish farm is on. Hang on with me fer a spell and i will sure tell ya some gud ole hillbilly remedies fer what ever is ailen ya. Gonna be a long winter so let’s get us some time on this here typing tv hee hee. Come on back we’ll be seeing ya soon.

Amish Livin’: Hillbilly Homesteading

Herb Lady MIA

You might’ve been a wonderin’ where I’ve been at lately. Well, I’ve been busy on the Amish farm I moved to! Yep, that’s right. The ole Herb Lady has gone off-the-grid and planted herself in Amish country. Amish livin’ is quite hard, I must say, but it’s an experience I’ll always cherish!

My daughter, Michele, has already made her confessions from an Amish farm on her blog.

It’s been pretty crazy livin’ without electric. So far, we have solar panels and two wind generators for power and a generator for back-up. There’s lots of sacrifice but lots of rewards, too–like signs of SPRING!

Here’s a few new additions to the family

3 Chicks


2 ducks and a turkey (they’re a little camera shy!)


NOTE: The chicks, ducks, and turkey are in cages with newspaper under ’em parked right in front of the woodstove ’cause on an Amish farm, there ain’t no heating lamp!

Mama (Hair) sheep and baby lamb


Red apple tree


Hillbilly Homestead Site Coming Soon!

We’re planning a new site that’ll share the journey on this Amish farm since the first day we got the key. Things aren’t moving as fast as we’d like. We’re on limited Internet through a USB modem and we can’t upload the videos or tons of pictures because there’s only so much usage available each month.

Yep, we could go to the coffee shop for free wi-fi but life is a wee bit busy with all the Amish type chores.

I’ll be posting here when the Amish homesteading site is live, so be sure to subscribe to my feed or by email so you’ll know when it’s ready fer ya to visit…. Y’all come back now, ya hear?

Herb Lady is Blogging!

Yep, that’s right!

You may know me from farmers markets or other outdoor markets in and around the Missouri Ozarks. I’m Deborah Tune (a.k.a. Herb Lady). I’ve been out and about in the real world, selling herbs and helping others improve their health with natural medicine. Now I’ve decided to get with the cyber program and start blogging in 2009!

This is the first of many posts you’ll be reading, so be sure to subscribe so you won’t miss out on anything!

P.S. Did you notice the cartoon over at the right side of this page? Over there —–> Still can’t find her? Ok, I’ll stick her in this here writing box so you can see her real good.

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