Spring Cleanin’ Time!

Howdy, y’all!

Most folks don’t wanna talk about poop. It’s a dark topic. Ha! Ha! But listen now…  I wanna talk to y’all today about spring cleanin’ yer body.

Now, think about this here little fact: Ya spring clean yer house. Ya spring clean yer yard. Ya may even spring clean yer car. Why on earth wouldn’t ya want to spring clean yer dirty ole body, eh?

Folks in the old days used to spring clean with things like dandelion tonic fer cleansin’ their liver and helping ’em feel strong and ready for a brand-new season of gardenin’ and other hard work. That’s a story fer another day though – but ya’d better believe I’ll be tellin’ ya all about dandelion cleansin’ too!

Today, I’m a needin’ to tell you about cleansin’ yer dirty colon and why you’d wanna do that. I have a favorite product I have used and recommended fer years: Dr. Natura.

I’ve took Dr. Natura products and given ’em to my family when they was ailin’ fer years now. I always tell everbody ’bout this here colon cleanse kit when anybody starts a tellin’ me they’re feeling terrible all the time and can’t get well.


A few side effects and illnesses caused by a dirty colon that’s needin’ a spring cleanin’ are:

  • headaches
  • body aches and pains
  • allergies
  • depression
  • and more!


The reason a dirty colon causes these things is ’cause all them there toxins get trapped inside ya (when they can’t get out yer poop shoot!) and then they’ve got nowhere to go! So they build up and back up on ya and cause ya to hurt and get trapped and cause ya headaches and depression.

Now not only do ya’ll spring clean everything but yer own body (the only one ya got in this lifetime!) but ya wouldn’t keep on usin’ a toilet that wouldn’t flush, now would ya? No! You clean yer toilet. And if it stops up, ya call in a plumber to get them there clogs out of the drain and get it in right workin’ order again befer ya use it.

Ya seem what I’m a sayin’ here, folks?

Clean yer pooper out. Yer life depends on it!

Don’t it make sense that befer you can start takin’ herbs fer healing, that ya need to start with a clean slate? Ya can’t clean yer toilet and make it shine if it’s backed up and overflowin’ on ya.

You can buy this here Dr. Natura cleanse through my Amazon affiliate. Now ole Granny here will make a few cents if ya do that and that there money will go towards a bloggin’ regular and teachin’ ya all sorts of good stuff about organic gardening, herbs, cleanin’ yer body and stayin’ healthy, ways ya can work to prevent cancer and other ailments. So, thank ya in advance fer a supportin’ ole Granny here. Yer a blessing!

It’s absolutely amaazin’ how this here colon cleanse works and by the end, leaves ya feeling lighter, fresher, cleaner, sleepin’ better, and ya just feel so much healthier overall. It’s nice, folks!

And I know that you’ve been a gigglin’ and snortin’ over there on the other side of this here ‘puter screen reading about all this here poop talk. Laughin’ is good fer the heart and soul. It makes us healthier, too! Ha! Ha!


You can ‘spect to see lots more of this here ol’ Herb Lady. I have been busy plantin’ and preparin’ fer lots of good eatin’ and feelin’ good to come. I’ll have to show ya all the berry bushes I planted out behind my house but this here is a spot of land we tilled up with the tractor fer plantin’ corn and quinoa and maters and okra and all sorts of other good eats – fer us and our critters!

The handsome dog ya see in the picture is Sporty. Our Amish neighbors in Missouri gave him to us when we lived on our Amish farm – and he’s a hoot. We love him to pieces.

Stay tuned now, ya hear?!


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