Eco-Friendly Cooking + Blog Action Day

Hello from the Herb Lady!

Hillbilly livin’ on an Amish farm has been TARRSOME but I have such exciting news: Before too long, our homesteading website will be up and running and this here Hillbilly Herb Lady will even be putting her tarred mug on YouTube! Yep, you’d better subscribe (by my feed or by email) if ya want to see that there craziness!

Today is Blog Action Day. This year’s theme is climate change — they’re trying to get the word out that us folks need to pay attention to how we’re harmin’ our purdy world. So, one of the ways you can be more eco-friendly is by using nature to grow and fix yer vittles!

If yer just a tunin’ in, you can catch up on this sustainable living talk I’ve been sharing by clicking the links right there.

  • Dome home – See the outside and inside of an eco-friendly dome home!
  • Solar greenhouse – See how ya can grow her vittles in a greenhouse with solar power!

Eco-Friendly Cookin’!

While walking around at the Sustainable Fair, I ran into this here dehydrator – it’ll dehydrate yer vittles with sun power. It’s purdy amazing!

Solar Dehydrator


Dehydrated Yellow Squash


Dehydrated Zucchini



Solar Oven


And it works! Have ya ever seen a solar dehydrator or oven? Did ya know they existed? Would you try to build yerself one, or buy one? What are you doing to help preserve our purdy world? Herb Lady wants to know what yer a thinkin’!

Want to read more on this here topic? Visit my daughter’s Blog Action Day post: Raw Juice Girl’s Eco-Friendly Living Tips!

More pictures and information comin’ in the next post!

Free Energy Fairs are Located at:
The Mid America Renewable Energy Center
9810 State Road AE
New Bloomfield, Missouri
The Marshfield Renewable Energy Center
3215 Hwy “OO”
Marshfield, Missouri
For additional information call 1.800.228.5284

Wanna see more pictures like this? How ’bout videos featuring the ole Herb Lady? The Herb Lady is comin’ to YouTube SOON! I’ll be sharing videos here that’ll knock yer holy socks off! So, be sure to subscribe to my feed or by email. Y’all come back now, fer real!

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