Baker Creek Festival: August, 2009

You may have been a wonderin’ where the ole Herb Lady has been! Things have been purdy crazy around here. Between workin’ on the Amish farm and livin’ like a pioneer woman, I’ve been a wee bit… well, just plum tired!

I’ve been settin’ up at outdoor markets like crazy–several a week, I say! I haven’t had time to take pictures of every outdoor market I’ve been a workin’ at but I wanted to share a little of the Baker Creek Festival with ya.

Here’s a sneak peek of the Hillbilly Heaven Herbs booth…



Herb Lady’s Remedies


Herbal Tonics


Free Herbal Tea Samples


Herb Lady Passin’ Out Herbal Tea Samples

(That’d be me!) πŸ˜‰


Michele Passin’ Out Herbal Tea Samples

(That’d be my daughter, aka Raw Juice Girl) πŸ™‚


Michele Sellin’ Those Herbs!


Views Around Our Booth

(There was a LOT more than this. We just didn’t have time to walk around, gawkin’ and takin’ pictures!)




Like what you see here? I’ll be settin’ up again here the 1st Sunday in September. Visit to learn more about the festivals.

Directions to Bakersville, located in Mansfield, Missouri (from their site):

Info about the festivals
The festivals are held at Bakersville, near Mansfield, MO.

From Mansfield, MO take Hwy. 5 north 1.5 miles to London Rd and follow signs.

We offer free tent and RV camping; no need to register. There are also hotels in the local area. Some food is available at the festival.
Admission $2.00; children 14 and under are free. No large dogs.

Vendors are welcome! Please call to register and make sure you have a space.
Call 417-924-8917

Wanna see more pictures of events like this one? How ’bout videos featuring the ole Herb Lady? They’re a comin’! So, be sure to subscribe to my feed or by email. Y’all come back now!

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