Neti Pots = Sinus Relief

The sun’s shining, flowers are blooming, gardens are growing with goodness, and life is purdy–but there’s a problem. Them there sinuses of yours are givin’ you a fit! What’s a cheap, hillbilly remedy fer it, ya ask? The answer: a neti pot. That’s right, a neti pot.


Neti pots are funny-shaped, and almost look like one of them there little ol’ waterin’ cans–or tea pots! You can buy ’em at health food stores, or order ’em online by clicking on this here link. (You don’t even have to leave yer house to go shoppin’ these days!) They usually cost about $10-$40 and once you have yours, just take care of it and you’ll have it when ya need it. Most of ’em come with packets fer ya to mix up and pour in yer nostrils but when those are all used up, just add 2 teaspoons of salt to a pint of water and use that in yer netti pot.

So, now you’re thinking: how do I use this netti pot?

  • *Add warm water to your packets (or make your own solution like I told ya up there).
  • *Tilt yer head just so-so.
  • *Insert the tip into yer nostril.
  • *Let the water slowly start flowing.
  • *Once yer all settled in and it’s not coming out of your mouth (it won’t if ya hold yer head just so-so), just hold yer horses ’till all that solution has gone through one nostril and out the other one.
  • *Now do the other side.

Don’t forget to breathe through yer mouth. Also, you may need to blow yer nose when yer done!

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One Response to “Neti Pots = Sinus Relief”

  1. I must agree, I absolutely love my neti pot. Without it I would have Sinus infections 3-6 times a year.

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