Essiac Blend Tea Fer Cantankerous Cancer

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Where’d Essiac Come From?

Y’all might not know that Essiac tea is actually named after a nurse from Canada. Yep, that’s right! Rene M. Caisse come up with Essiac as a name for this “cancer curing” tea cuz it’s her named spelt backurds! Ain’t that just plum neat? I think so!

Rene Caisse helped cancer sufferin’ folks who had breast, prostate, and bladder cancers. That there smart lady was born in 1888 and helped lots of folks with cancer ’till she died in 1978. She was 90 years old!


What’s Essiac Tea Made Of?

  1. Burdock Root
  2. Sheep Sorrel powder
  3. Slippery Elm bark powder
  4. Turkey Rhubarb root

“Mountain Rose Herbs only offers the historic Caisse blend with exact proportions as called for.” Mountain Rose Herbs

So, if yer a lookin’ fer some herbal tea to help prevent or work against them there cancers that can creep up in yer life, ya might just wanna chug some of Mountain Rose Herb’s Essiac Blend. Yep, ya might! If ya do, y’all can enter their electronic shopping store through that there purdy picture….

Mountain Rose Herbs. A Herbs, Health & Harmony Com

Be sure to come back cuz I’ll be givin’ more remedies fer that dadburned ole cancer!

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Image by Patrick George

2 Responses to “Essiac Blend Tea Fer Cantankerous Cancer”

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  2. I’ve taken Essiac as a tonic. Rene Caisse advised taking it on the summer and winter soltice. I use the liquid, not the tea.

    I also wrote a history of Rene’s life for She first learned of this remedy from a woman who had lived in northern Ontario. The lady had a withered breast and Rene asked her how she had cured the cancer. The lady told her that an Indian medicine man had given her the recipe and Rene got it from her. Rene helped many people with Essiac, but the Ontario government charged her with practicing without a medical license.

    A friend of mine in Tennessee had stomach cancer and they gave him 3 months to live. He took Essiac and the tumor shrunk considerably.

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