Let’s Talk About Poop!

Poop Talk

Nobody wants to talk about poop, but this here Hillbilly Herb Lady don’t mind it one bit! Folks have started callin’ me “Poop Doctor” or “Poop Lady” or “Doo-doo Doctor” ’cause they know I’m gonna tell ’em they need to clean their poop shoot out! Ha! Ha!

Why do ya need to clean it out? So ya won’t be ailin’! That’s right, dirty poop shoots can make strong breedin’ grounds fer candida, allergies, broke out skin, pains in yer head, crankyness, parasites, scraggly-lookin’ hair, restless nights, nervousness, colon diseases and cancer – and pure dee ole meanness!

Side Effects

Lots of folks who are takin’ medications get constipated as a side effect of them there pills they’re takin’.

What can help ya with yer clogged and caked up nastiness of a colon? There’s lots of different ways of cleanin’ yerself out but I’m gonna tell ya about Dr. Christopher today – he has a formula fer gettin’ yer peristaltic muscle workin’ and shootin’ yer poop out again!

Dr Christopher’s Lower Bowel

This here formula will get yer poopin’ muscles all toned up and rarin’ to go!

What kinda herbs are in there?

Cascara Sagrada Bark
Barberry Bark
Cayenne Extract
Ginger Root
Lobelia Herb
Red Raspberry Leaf
Turkey Rubarb Root
Fennel Seed
Goldenseal Root

    Now, them’s some good herbs, I tell ya!

    The ole Herb Lady’s family knows all about Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formula. Yep, we’ve taken it ourselves when I feel like any of us need it. It works wonders on a person’s body and makes ya feel good and cleaned out!

    I’ve also used HerbsPro fer doin’ some of my electronic shoppin’  and I ain’t had nary a problem with ’em yet. There some fine folks! If ya want, you can order Dr. Christopher’s herbs from ’em too….

    And if yer cave is so clogged up ya think ya might need some dynamite, we’ll have to move on to another post later where we talk about more than Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formula – we’re talkin’ ENTIRE colon cleansin’! Fer that there kinda stuff, ya need Dr. Natura’s Colon Cleanse!

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