Tea Fer Makin’ Yer Man Happy!

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Happy Man Tea

Ever wish there was a hillbilly remedy fer makin’ yer man happy from head to toe? Well, dog my hide! I might just have the learnin’ you’ve been a searchin’ fer! You’ll be tickled pink to learn about this here Happy Man Tea from Mountain Rose Herbs. Yep, you will!

If yer man has a hankerin’ fer livin’ healthy (and high on the hog, I say!) without hormone problems, high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, prostate troubles, and all them there terrible, aggervatin’ disease, then he’ll love this here Happy Man Tea.



What are them there herbs that make a man’s body and heart happy?

  1. Eleuthero root
  2. Dandelion root
  3. Nettle root
  4. Marshmallow root
  5. Burdock root
  6. Hawthorn berry
  7. Saw Palmetto berry
  8. Fennel seed
  9. Oatstraw
  10. and a pinch of organic Stevia

Happy Campers!

Now, this here tea helps prevent lots of health troubles in a man and helps him feel better if he’s already ailin’ with anything. These here herbs can take a grumpy, achy, hurtin’, cantankerous, unhealthy man, turn him right around, and is good fer his body, mind, and soul — and if yer man’s a happy camper, you are too!

Now, them’s some good herbs!

How do ya make yerself up a cup?

Just put a spoon or two full in yer favort mug and pour some hot water on top of yer herbs. Drink it up!

Wanna get yer man some of that there happy tea? If ya wanna get yer own good, strong herbs like I do, you can enter the electronic shopping doohikey through that there purdy picture.

Yep, this’n!

Mountain Rose Herbs

Now that’s somethin’ to smile about!

And, if’n ya ain’t a man but you’re still a wantin’ to smile, then ya need some Blues Tea I talked about in my last electronic letter!

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Images from Mountain Rose Herbs and Nathan Phillips

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