Herbal Tea

Tea Fer Makin’ Yer Man Happy!

Tea Fer Makin' Yer Man Happy!

If yer just now ending up on this here electronic hillbilly diary of mine, ya might’ve missed out on my news about getting my very own YouTube Channel, Facebook page, and Twitter. Happy Man Tea Ever wish there was a hillbilly remedy fer makin’ yer man happy from head to toe? Well, dog my hide! […]

Herbal Tea Fer Makin’ Ya Happy!

Herbal Tea Fer Makin' Ya Happy!

Dark, gloomy days like what happens in these here colder months can make fer purdy depressin’ times. Why, folks are so bloomin’ solemn faced, going around wearin’ frowns like they’ve been told it’s their last day on earth. Ain’t no need fer being gloomy in our hearts and souls just ’cause the skies are dark […]

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